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Desktop, Mobile, OTT - JavaScript SDK


The JavaScript library provides an Audience Measurement solution designed to accurately capture and report on usage measurements for streaming media players intended to be shown on web pages or OTT applications.

The JavaScript library Streaming Tag is implemented next to — or into — a streaming media player. In response to media change and playback state change activity in your player you will implement calls to the Comscore library.

Release Notes

General Info

Library Version: 7.8.0+2310050509

Release Date: October 9, 2023

Data Collection Model Version: 6.6

Supported Platforms in PlatformAPI: Web browser, non-web browser vanilla HTML5/JavaScript, Sony Trilithium and JSMAF (Playstation 3 and 4, Vita, SmartTV and Blu-ray), Samsung Tizen TV, Samsung legacy SmartTV and Blu-ray, LG SmartTV and Blu-ray (Netcast and WebOS), Philips Smart TV, Google Chromecast Custom Receiver, AppleTV, Xbox One (WinJS), WebOS, Node.js

Feature Changes

  1. (TAG-7908) Introduce support for Samsung Tizen TV.
    • Description: Tag implementation for Samsung Tizen TV applications has thus far been supported via customised Skeleton PlatformAPI implementations. Multiple publishers have been reported to use this. This solution can be improved by adding a standard PlatformAPI for Samsung Tizen TV.
    • Resolution: Add a standard PlatformAPI that uses Samsung Tizen TV APIs for reporting device and platform data. Implementation documentation will be updated shortly to explain application project requirements to use this solution.
  2. (TAG-7971) Update TCF CMP integration and introduce GPP CMP integration.
    • Description: The CMP integration in the library supports only TCF 2.0 CMPs. TCF 2.2 comes with a change in requirements that removes CMP API elements used in the current integration. Also, GPP CMPs are showing up as replacement to TCF CMPs and need to be supported. GPP is currently at version 1.1.
    • Resolution: Update the TCF CMP integration to TCF 2.2-compliant. Add a GPP 1.1-compliant integration.
  3. (TAG-8460) Add first-party cookie functionality to the library.
    • Description: The web page impression tag can set and collect first-party cookies. As this library can be used in web browser use cases, this functionality should be available for optimal data collection of these first-party cookies.
    • Resolution: Implement first-party cookie functionality following the specification used for web page impression tag.

Bug Fixes

  1. (TAG-8495) Ensure the getPlaybackSessionId() method of StreamingAnalytics instances returns a value.
    • Description: The getPlaybackSessionId() method of StreamingAnalytics instances returns undefined values.
    • Resolution: Ensure the getPlaybackSessionId() method returns the identifier of the current playback session.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • There were no known issues for this release.


Skeleton API instructions are only required when implementing the JavaScript SDK on OTT platforms for which a built-in PlatformAPI is not available.  Please contact your Comscore client service representative before implementing the Skeleton API.

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