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MyMetrix Explore Dashboards are now a part of Comscore CORE

We are excited to announce the migration of MyMetrix Explore dashboards to Comscore CORE, our new all-in-one portal that will provide access to our cross-platform products in a unified interface. It will include all of the features that you know and currently use in Explore – plus many more.

  • What is CORE?
    • CORE is our new all-in-one platform for all of Comscore’s measurement and audience insights. It will include reports on Digital, Social, CTVi (Connected TV Intelligence), Connected Home, CCR (Comscore Campaign Ratings), and Google Analytics, with more on the way.
  • What is changing?
    • The Advanced and Media Overview dashboards you know and love from the MyMetrix homepage are now available in CORE. MyMetrix users can access and edit these dashboards under the Total Digital tab (select Digital & Social).  
    • Watch our walkthrough of the new dashboards in CORE here.

Please note:  Media Metrix Multi-Platform, Video Metrix, and all other reports you know and love are still available to you in MyMetrix.  This change is only impacting the Explore dashboards.


Below are some resources to help you get started:

  • Our Quick start guide, will help you to get familiar with where MyMetrix Explore features are within the CORE UI
  • Our in-app guide will show you how to navigate in CORE as well as how to get started with running your first report
  • Reach out to your Comscore account team to set up a one-on-one walkthrough of CORE and a preview of other upcoming enhancements on the roadmap
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